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Уголь сортовой в мешках (10, 25, 50 кг) для отопления и хозяйственно-бытовых потребностей


Impact mechanical machine


Impact mechanical machine for the production of fuel briquettes.

The appointment
Impact mechanical machine intended for production of fuel briquettes from waste wood (sawdust, chips, shredded branch), peel of sunflower, rice, buckwheat, oats, chopped straw of cereals. This machine can be used in technological lines with productivity up to 1000 kg/hour. Reliable design of the press provides a stable output of high quality products at low power consumption.

General characteristics - press of continuous action, produces briquettes on the principle of extrusion capacity of 300-400 kg/hour; - maximum thickness of briquette 1.4 kg/cm2, - dimensions of the briquette d=50-60 mm L= 25-100 mm - humidity of the raw materials to 14%; - raw material: chips, husk, straw, etc.; - the size of particles of raw materials 1 - 25mm; - power consumption of 12-16 kW/hour (no heating elements, as in «pini key»); - depreciation of separate elements with their subsequent replacement comes after the manufacture of 300-400тн briquettes; the operator is able to cope with the maintenance of two-three presses; - optimum ratio performance - power consumption.

For processing of waste, generated in the process of processing of wood, processing grain-crops, flax, etc. has been developed the technology of briquetting. Briquetting is process of pressing finely shredded waste under high pressure without the use of the binding substances. Humidity прессуемого material should not exceed 17%, and the size of particles up to 25 mm. Due to the high pressure and temperature of the raw material is released lignin, which acts as a binder and holds the bricks in a heavy condition. The technology of briquetting is used in processing of wood waste in the high-energy environmentally friendly fuel.

Processing of waste into briquettes solves the problem of storing of combustible waste, which are formed in the work of the woodworking shops, saw-mills, cereal shops, oil plants. Received as a result of the briquette fuel material because of its high consumer properties finds wide application in individual household, and industrial heating systems. From the table below shows that as the calorific value of fuel briquettes is close to coal, and the ash content in dozens of times lower, in addition, emissions of sulfur in briquette burning is almost absent, which makes it ecologically clean fuel, is very popular in EUROPE.


Parameter/ Type of waste briquettes

Wood sawdust

Sunflower peeling


Density, t/m3

1,1 – 1,26

1,0 – 1,2

1,2 -1,5

Calorific value, kcal/kg

4000 - 4800

4800 - 5200

4400 – 5200

Moisture, %

6 - 8

4 - 7


Ash content,%

0,5 - 1,0

0,35 - 3,0

10 - 20

Fuel briquettes have wide application and can be used for all types of furnaces, household and industrial boilers, perfectly burning in fireplaces, stoves, grills etc. The great advantage of briquette is the constant temperature of the combustion for 4ч8 hours.

technical characteristics

Name of the parameter and the size

Units of measurement


1. Production, depending on the processed raw material



2. Humidity briquetted product


Till 14

3. The briquette density


1,1 - 1,4

4. Briquette diameter



5. The temperature of the processed product in the zone of pressing


Till 280

6. Installed capacity, not more than



7. Power consumption per hour of work of the extruder



8. Specific energy consumption per kg of product


Till 0,05

9. Overall dimensions, not more than



10. Weight, not more than





Briquetting line scheme (Scheme #1)


Briquetting line scheme (Scheme #2)