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Уголь сортовой в мешках (10, 25, 50 кг) для отопления и хозяйственно-бытовых потребностей


Tunnel infrared sterilizer

tn_suh Tunnel infrared sterilizer (SIT-600) developed by our company efficiently and at a high level performs sterilization and drying operations on various types of raw materials both after washing and in a dry state. The sterilizer is based on the principle of infrared radiation, in which the process itself is much faster and more efficient than in steam and dry-air devices. This is due to the features of energy transfer. Energy transfer occurs at the speed of light, and absorption processes are also more dynamic compared to convection heat transfer, since they are realized at the electronic level, and not at the molecular level. In addition, thermal energy is absorbed in the surface layers of solids, which is important for sterilization.

The method of sterilization using infrared radiation ensures maximum safety of the properties of the cutting surfaces due to the absence of aggressive ones. The time of infrared sterilization of the instrument in unpacked form is 30 minutes, including the steps of entering the heating and cooling mode.

The equipment is used in the pharmaceutical and veterinary industries in the production of medicines for humans and animals. In addition, the machine is used in the manufacture of food products, as well as for the production of cosmetics.


Principle of operation

The tunnel type sterilizer consists of a loading, heating (thermal sterilization) and discharge zone. Additionally, the sterilizer can be assembled with a cooling zone. From the loading zone, raw materials are fed to an inlet conveyor made of stainless steel or Teflon. After that, the product is subjected to heat treatment in the heating chamber, using short-term pulsed infrared radiation, which creates the selected temperature in the sterilizer's working chamber at a given time. Next, the product moves along the conveyor to the discharge zone.

Main elements




The installation provides effective heat treatment of raw materials of any type and shape.

The equipment is controlled by buttons located on the front of the case, with which the operator can set the optimal operating mode.

Execution options
This installation is made both in the basic version, and in the original. We offer a wide selection of additional equipment and components of our own production, with which the sterilizer can be equipped. 

The sterilizer is equipped with an overvoltage protection system, as well as sensors that timely signal the occurrence of malfunctions.