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Уголь сортовой в мешках (10, 25, 50 кг) для отопления и хозяйственно-бытовых потребностей


Wood shredder

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Wood Shredder is intended for hogging: croakers, slabs, branches and tops of trees into technological and fuel chips (chips). Applies when sawdust briquetting, in logging companies and sawmills, woodworking industry, pulp and paper mills, and public services. The machine consists of the drive, chassis, body, the top cover and the pipe for discharge of chips. The basis for the design of the machine is a welded casing is installed on a frame, to which are attached, or are in it the rest of the machine parts. In the machine casing created landing surface for installation in buildings shaft bearings with the disk. At one end of the shaft is a pulley of the disk drive from electric motor. On the edge of the disk are mounted two knives, but in case you installed knife. The frame of the machine attached to the mounting plate for the motor. The machine body welded sides of the rollers and the feed hopper. To the top cover is fixed a pipe for discharge of the crushed material from the cutting zone, at the fixed end-of-pipe valve allows you to change the direction and height of the emission. Adjustment and replacement of the blades on the disk happens when you open the lid. To ensure good quality of chips at felling of wood waste it is necessary to ensure the magnitude of the working gap between the knives disk and knife 1...2 mm knife Sharpener is on machine in a special device according to the plan.

Wood Shredder



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