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Уголь сортовой в мешках (10, 25, 50 кг) для отопления и хозяйственно-бытовых потребностей


Equipment for the briquetting pulverized coal (coal dust)

Sooner or later every company, that is engaged in activities related to the sale or processing of any type of coal, is faced with the problem of the accumulation of small coal and dust. Powdery fraction from 0 to 6 mm is the average of not less than 25% of the total mass of incoming raw materials and as a rule entails difficulties sales of this amount, or a significant reduction in the value of its sale.


One of the most effective methods of solution of this problem is to use the accumulated coal dust for the production of coal briquettes. Manufacture of fuel briquettes, for all the attractiveness of this idea is not a very long history. Real interest in this issue has acquired its acuteness and relevance only in recent times, in connection with the significant increase in the cost of fuel including coal products.

Most of the attempts to organize the production of coal briquettes was to no or the high cost of technology, or the poor quality and characteristics of received briquettes, related with the use of cheap but bad combustible binders, which have been repeatedly increased ash content and minimise the impact of sales.

Our company offers an exclusive complex of the equipment, which allows using a rather simple technology to avoid the use in the production of briquette binders and other impurities except for the simple water.

This allows you to get a result briquette on the composition and characteristics did not inferior source of long sight of coal and avoid the usual shortcomings (odor, large ash content, low calorie, etc.)The main working unit, the proposed equipment are экструдерные the press, which were specially developed for briquetting of rock, dust coal anthracite, coal slimes, crumbs of brown coal, peat, etc. The technology of pressing lie of adhesion-chemical processes in viscous-chemical systems, educated, fine-dispersed particles of coal, which themselves are astringent substances. And quite simply, in the process of work of the press are being physico-chemical conditions, which force already included in the structure of the coal, the fossil organic compounds (phenols, resins, waxes, etc.) with the participation of water polarize on the surface of particles causing them to communicate among themselves. During cooling and drying briquette hardens and is fixed. Briquetted fuel possesses high thermal power properties, in particular, sufficient mechanical strength, water resistance and heat resistance.

The layer of the fuel combustion has a good gas permeability, that provides the full extent of combustion, even with a relatively high ash content. For maximum performance-back period presses our company has worked out the storage hopper with screw-type presses, to ensure uninterrupted supply of charge under the necessary pressure and with the design speed. In addition, the lines of briquetting includes pontoon conveyors with air coolers. For reception of charge the necessary moisture developed mixing drums with a capacity up to one ton of ready raw material. Due to the simplicity of the technological process, equipment does not have a complex technological units, in the process of operation and repair does not require highly qualified maintenance personnel and reliable in all conditions.










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