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Уголь сортовой в мешках (10, 25, 50 кг) для отопления и хозяйственно-бытовых потребностей


Crushing and sortig complex

The facility for the sieving of coal includes: the tank to 15 tons , crusher rack-rotor (capacity up to 20 tons per hour), the crash of GIL -32 , shale shaker (for the separation of dust coal), four conveyors.

The large vibration sieve (sieve) for the screening of bulk materials, for mechanization of the process, machine or apparatus, which is designed for that, got its name for the characteristic noise at work.

Crash GIL 32 shares of any lump or bulk material in particles of different size with the help of screening surfaces with calibration holes. The scope of the thunder - separation into fractions rocks, inert construction materials, as well as dehydration of various materials (enriched coal, washed ores).


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