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Уголь сортовой в мешках (10, 25, 50 кг) для отопления и хозяйственно-бытовых потребностей



Cleaver-Chopper is innovative equipment,which simultaneously combines the functions of the unit for splitting wood (logs, slabs, small stumps, large scraps of wood and wood-chipping and small-sized waste(tops, boards, slabs, tree branches) into technological chips.

Functions of the Cleaver-Chopper processor-screw splitter has one special item - electric screw, which is in the form of a truncated cone . During the rotation, the cone, equipped thread, included in the log, then splits it. Designed for firewood as the major industrial plants, harvesting, and on a small courtyard, in the private sector.

The functions of the scrambler performs a rotor mechanism,which is equipped with knives made of high-speed high-end steel. In the process of work the ground material is fed through the feeding funnel, falls into the crushing chamber. Grinding (cutting) of the material occurs when contact between particles knives of the rotor and housing. Particles are experiencing shear deformation, such deformations arising at impact of scissors or knife of the guillotine.


Production rate


     Chopping firewood

3 m3

     Crushing chips

4 m3


380 Wt


7 kW


850 r/min


420 kg