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Forced mixer

beton_01The experience of the operation of the mixing equipment shows that one of the reasons why the strength characteristics of concrete structures and, accordingly, their service is the heterogeneous composition of the concrete mix. In certain conditions, the use of mixers gravity becomes impossible, because they do not provide a uniform distribution of the mixture components by volume and is not capable of withstanding a long-abrasive load. Therefore, an increase in the intensity of the processes of mixing is possible only if the use of forced impact on the mixture.

Area of application mixer of forced action - production of low-speed and hard concrete mixes and solutions for dense and porous aggregate. Principle of operation is based on a mixture of the source of the gradients with the help of rotating blades. The main advantage of the mixing of this type is more qualitative mixing of mix components of solutions and concrete in a shorter period of time. That significantly improves the quality and production of technological process at manufacture of building materials.

Concrete mixer machine - cyclical action, is still the chalice and on the rotor with blades. The drive of the working machine is a motor-reducer MU, NMRW through a reference node. The mixing blades have to be able to control when working on the components of different fractions, in the case of wear easy to replace. Download the mixer can be carried out as manually, and with the help of screw conveyors, loaders, bagging of cement, water and aggregate (in the case of the mixer in the technological lines). The materials included in the mix mixed activator, which provides the qualitative mixing of the components of the mixture. The activator drive from the gearbox, which is set in motion by an electric motor.

The advantage of this construction in the absence of drive belts between the electric motor and reducer. It is connected with short term of service of V-belts in a dusty environment. And the lack of additional elements of a drive leads to a decrease in the total mass of the product and reduce the service works.
The design of the reference node allowed to relieve the load on the output shaft of the gearbox, increasing the service life of main bearing the output shaft of reducer.

The structural features of the concrete mixers of this series allow to increase the operation term and service.
The mixer is designed to work on building sites and in workshops, where it is impossible to providing centralized, with concrete plants.

Preparation of heavy mixtures used in the installation is performed at the temperature of ambient air temperature = +5 C - +40 degrees C. the Installation must be protected from the direct impact of atmospheric precipitation (you must have a canopy above the mixer).

Installation is simple in operation and does not require from the operator of high qualification.



Technical characteristics

Technical characteristics

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Working capacity (geometrical volume)




Working capacity (actual)




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Installed capacity




Weight of installation, not more than




Height from the base, not more than




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Rotational speed